AS Control Plus

Go for an AS Control Plus - an innovative control with a microprocessor, which dramatically raises the efficiency of energy in swimming pools with an overflow channel and avoids unnecessary loss of energy. In our outdoor test pool in Switzerland (water temp.: 30°C; size: 50 m2), we proved an energy saving of over 20’000 kW (equates to 2’000 litres of oil) within 6 month (May to October).

A comprehensive pool control system with a large digital display and a simple navigation menu.

1. Running time of filter and the electronic motor overload trip max 8.0 A
2. Controls: backwash and rinse
3. Heating control with frost protection, priority switching and delay timer
4. Level control for buffer tank with five probes
5. Energy efficiency control (economy mode or overflow operation)
6. Buffer tank control (initiate backwash directly from pool or from buffer tank)
7. Display: water and air temperature and various operating conditions
8. Input of pool cover
9. Input of external switch (main drain, buffer tank, auto)
10. Output of chemical measurement and dosing system (230 V and potential-free)

The AS Control Plus is available with a 512MB memory card in order to record a protocol of operation up to 10 months. This data can be downloaded and analysed.

Technical specifications:
– Connectors: 71 pcs (inputs and outputs)
– Relay: 13 pcs
– Fuse: 4 x 10 ampere each
– Display: 4 plie multilayer
– Control box protection rating: IP 65

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