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Besgo AG

Besgo AG was founded in Winterthur in 1980. Besgo AG exclusively produces pneumatic valves to control filters (backwash valves) as well as 2-, 3- and 4-ways-valves for various applications for swimming pool devices and water treatment. In July 2003, Besgo AG was taken over by Aqua Solar AG and the manufacturing was moved to Büsserach. Since 2004, Besgo AG has been responsible for production, development and technology. The worldwide selling is done by the parent company Aqua Solar AG.

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Installation and testing

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Aqua Solar AG

Aqua Solar is the leading wholesale company for swimming pool and filtration devices in Switzerland and responsible for global sales and distribution of Besgo. In Germany, we have set up a foreign base, which delivers the German wholesale und offers reparation services:

Dryden Aqua Deutschland GmbH
Marburger Strasse 20
D-35096 Weimar-Wenkbach

Tel. +49 (0)64 216 34 52
Fax +49 (0)64 216 34 53

[email protected]

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