AS Control 3

With the purchase of the AS Control 3 (ASC 3), you have an innovative, micro-processor operated switchbox which can efficiently control your swimming pool installation, with ease of use and energy savings as focal points. The ASC 3 can be used with any swimming pool, but is particularly interesting if your swimming pool is equipped with a frequency regulator or a pump with built-in frequency regulator. The ASC 3 has the functionality of ingeniously using 24 hour filtration, whereby various filter pump speeds can be programmed using the clock. The pump speed can also be automatically adjusted by activating and deactivating certain components which need a different pump speed at any given moment.

In addition the ASC 3 can control all of the other components of your swimming pool. From heating (whether or not with solar panels), filtration and backwash to replenishment. In short, everything you can expect today from the beating heart of your swimming pool and what the swimming pool owner can rely on for relaxation and swimming pleasure.

AS Control 3Pool FT 01