For sand filters Ø 400 mm to Ø 2000 mm
With a higher back-wash velocity and a lower pressure drop, the Besgo valve achieves a particularly good back-wash result. In addition, there is no need to turn the recirculation pump off during switching. If you have an electrical power outage, the Besgo valve automatically changes to the «filter»-position and an unrequested emptying of the pool isn’t possible.
The Besgo valve can be installed to every commercial filter. Furthermore the adapters are adjustable to the existing pipe work. The valve is available in the sizes DN40 to DN125.

Filter blau

Function filtration

5 Wege Filtern ani 2

Function backwash

5 Wege RSP ani 01

Fits to any filter

Every connection between pipe work and back-wash valve (input, output) should be installed without tension by using flanges or boltings to enable a removal at any time.

A Connection to the top of the filter
B Connection to the bottom of the filter
C Connection to the filter pump
D Connection to the backwash pipe
E Connection to the returning water pipe to pool


Installation to the filter

Mont palette

Installation on the wall

Mont Pal Wand
5 wege ventile 15 wege ventile 2

Adjustable adapters

By using Besgo-Valves, the fastest adaption to the existing pipe work is achieved if you renovate or modernise your system.
Possible settings of the adapters:

Stutzen AN fa

A/B Connection to the filter
C Connection to the pump
D Connection to the drain

The adapters C and D can be turned in a 90°-, 180°- or 270°-position. In addition to this, you have a tolerance of +/– 4° to eliminate tension in your pipe work.

Stutzen Grundr
Drehen 01